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    Thai Massage

    A technique more than 2,500 years old, which is very often misinterpreted and mixed with other exotic types of massage. In one salon, I even saw an offer for a "mysterious Thai silk scarf massage", which does not exactly associate me with the complicated and serious method that Thai massage is. Not to mention that the silk scarf has nothing to do with this technique. One of the descriptions of this massage is Yoga massage.

    The masseuse uses his thumbs, forearms and legs with the combination of stretching, swinging and yoga-specific postures. This massage is a combination of various techniques focused on the whole body. First of all Indian yoga, Chinese acupuncture and Japanese Shiatsu massages. It is based on the ten most important energy channels that flow throughout the body. As with shiatsu massage, it is performed over clothing, with the recommendation that it is always a natural fiber outfit. One interesting thing is that men first work on the right side and women left.

    The very essence of Thai massage is to bring body, mind and spirit into a state of balance and harmony that is important for self-healing. In fact, bring yourself to the condition that yoga brings you to, which is an integral part of the performance of this technique.

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